Auto racing is an incredible sports competition that fanatics wait with bated breath. For betting fanatics, every auto racing season is a time to rake huge returns through sports wagering. Here is what you need to know about top sport betting sites for racing competitions.

Top Sport Casinos Sites for Betting on Auto Racing

To wager on auto racing, the first step is identifying top sites for sports betting online. The focus should be identifying sites that are safe, and that offers bets on many auto racing competitions. Here are some of the top sites that you should consider:


  • Bet365: This is regarded as one of the top sport betting sites in the market today. It has become a trendsetter with its impressive large number of listed games, including auto sports.
  • Betway: This is another impressive auto sports online wagering site whose popularity has grown steadily, especially in the last couple of years. It has an intuitive design and also lists very many sports.
  • 888sport: If you are looking forward to getting and enjoying impressive perks, look no further than 888sport. The casino has capitalized on its years of experience to craft an amazing online betting site. Besides, it also lists most auto sports competitions from all over the globe.
  • William Hill: This is a five star rated betting firm that has won respect from peers in the gambling industry for its impressive support and diversity of bets.
  • Unibet: Unibet is a unique bookmaker that has won the hearts of bettors because of the long list of sports offered. It is part of the European Betting Association (EBA).
  • Bettson: This is one of the fast-growing bookmakers in the market today. In addition to offering generous casino perks, it also lists most auto racing competitions and other competitions.
  • Betfred: Although this sportsbook was started back in 1967, it was not until recently that its popularity started growing steadily because of multiple types of bets in different sports and impressive customer support.

Types of Racing Bets

Now that we have listed the top sport betting sites, the next thing that you need to understand is the racing bets. Here are the common types of racing bets that you should know about and use when wagering on auto racing online.


  • Winner/ To-win-bets: This bet is often referred to as “win” bet, and it involves backing a specific racer to win.
  • Head to Head – Match Up: In this type of bet, you focus only on two drivers to lower your wagering variance. In most cases, it is the two top-performing drivers that are considered.
  • Pole Positions: In this type of bet, you wager on the driver who gets the fastest qualifying time. This is the driver who gets the opportunity to start first.
  • Podium Finish: Unlike the winner where you back a driver to finish in the first position, podium finish involves betting on a driver to finish in the first three positions.
  • Fastest Laps: As the name suggests, you wager on the driver who does the fastest lap. Here it is not about a perfect finish or winning, but completing the lap in the shortest time compared to competitors.
  • Championship Winner: Here, you back a specific driver to win the auto racing championship.
  • Other prop bets: In most auto racing competitions, you get the opportunity to more prop bets such as how many cautions will be recorded in a race. You could also wager on whether a specific record will be broken.

Take Advantage of the Online Bonuses

When you select top sports betting sites, the most notable thing is that most of them offer online casino bonuses. One of the common casino perk is the welcome extra. Like the name suggests, the perk is given to those who register betting accounts in casinos.

Another type of perk is the reload bonus. This is a perk that you receive when you load (deposit) your account with real money. For example, an online legal casino might top up your account by 20%, 50%, or 100% your deposit. This means you have more to bet and practice your strategies.

VIP bonuses come in various formats and are reserved for active members invited to join a loyalty program after reaching a certain threshold of wagering activities. Most reputable betting sites have some sort of VIP Club, typically structured around several levels, which players can climb as they collect more loyalty points by wagering on the platform or making deposits. You can find an operator covering auto racing by doing in-depth audits of the available platform. Each tier in a loyalty program offers different perks, such as exclusive bonuses, larger withdrawal limits, priority customer support, dedicated account managers, and plenty more.

The last type of perk, which is very common, is the no deposit bonus. This bet can be provided in the form of money deposited into your online betting account or free bets. The impressive thing about the no deposit perk is that you do not need to make a deposit to get it. Therefore, your cash will not be at risk.